Based on the requirements of the Client for various positions, the Agency will identify appropriate candidates through either any one or a combination of means such as external advertising, in house search of existing data banks and headhunting. After in house assessments of the relevant skills and interviews, the Agency will send CV's of appropriate short listed candidates to the Client for their review. Based on the Client's input, the Agency would arrange for interviews with Client HR/Management.

To facilitate the above the Client will:

  • For all positions, define and provide the Agency with the relevant recruitment criterion for all required vacant positions.
  • Designate an Executive who would be a person of authority, to facilitate day-to-day coordination.
  • Provide a day's induction to the Agency team designated to the account, to understand the job/ process requirements.
  • Allocate one day of the week, for detailed feedback on the candidates forwarded by the Agency to the Client during that week.
  • Provide the Agency a quarterly rolling plan of their staffing requirements, along with the job specifications at the beginning of every month.
  • Sourcing and screening of prospective candidates from exclusive database, head hunting, industry contacts & job portals as per the position requirements provided by client. Engaging candidates, market the client's organization and the position to excite the candidate. Get confirmation of potential candidates' interested in the position.


Forwarding profiles of validated candidates to client for client short-listing and assist in obtaining further information from candidates, if desired by client. Coordinate with client and intimate interview schedule to suitable candidates.


Our administrative specialist will conduct thorough reference check's from maximum three reference sources of current and previous employer. This process shall be accomplished with a structured and pre-defined methodology.


Engage selected candidate and facilitate salary negotiation and issue of offer, if desired by client, Follow-up with selected candidate, coordinate pre joining formalities and liaise till candidate joins.


Having a dedicated consultant means that you have one point of contact to update or communicate with. You will receive weekly updates on the progress of the talent acquisition, which candidates have been short listed or rejected as well as the interview feedback on each candidate.

Recruitment has become the most challenging human resources (HR) function across all industries today. For any specialized field, the challenges are enormous.
Companies may spend precious time and effort in determining the right approach and recruitment methodology, and yet be unable to deliver the right candidates.