About Us

Servipro Staffing Solutions provides sales recruitment services to the following industries: Financial Services Sales; Investment Property Sales; Commercial Property Sales; Estate Agencies; Leisure Sales/Timeshare Sales; Short Term Insurance; Automotive/Vehicle Sales; Retail Sales; FMCG Sales; Freight & Shipping Sales; Add Agency Sales as well as most sales related industries.

We at Servipro Staffing Solutions offer a unique recruitment solution to meet your talent needs. Our array of customized recruitment services enables us to bring immediate and instant value to our clients. As a client of Servipro Staffing Solutions, your organisation will derive great benefit when using our years of sales recruitment experience.

Key Features

Dedicated consultants working on our client's talent needs. Saving infrastructure and manpower costs pertaining to in-house recruitment activities. Exploring both active & passive pool of talents. Focus on CV short-listing & interview attendance ratio and re- listing resulting into quick hiring i.e. more hit ratios. Weekly report submission to clients on recruitment activities on allotted positions. Reference check's on most preferred/selected candidates.

Recruitment has become the most challenging human resources (HR) function across all industries today. For any specialized field, the challenges are enormous.
Companies may spend precious time and effort in determining the right approach and recruitment methodology, and yet be unable to deliver the right candidates.